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Diabetic Foot Assessments

Do you suffer from Diabetes?

If yes, you may be as risk of serious foot problems that result from the disease. Diabetes can cause damage to both your nervous system and blood circulation and you are therefore at higher risk of foot ulceration and infection. You are also at risk of neuropathic osteoarthropathy, which is degeneration and deformation of weight baring joints in the feet.

How often should I have my feet assessed?

It is recommended that people who suffer from Diabetes have their feet assessed by a podiatrist at least once every 12 months. If there are any problems then more frequent visits are recommended and that recommendation is on a case by case bases.

What happens during an assessment?

A history of neuropathic symptoms, pain, infection and ulceration will be taken. To avoid infection from cracks or cuts in the skin our Podiatrist will assess the health of your feet and attend to any problems using sterile instruments if required. This is normally painless. Nails will be assessed so that they do not become problematic. Pulses and blood flow will be assessed and monitored, if need be this will be done using a Doppler. Neuropathy will be assessed using monofilaments. Footwear will be assessed to make sure it is appropriate and patient education will be given. An individual patient’s ability to monitor their feet, combined with any pathology, will determine when the next visit is due.


All instruments used by Podiatrists at the Melbourne Foot, Ankle and Walking Clinic are sterilised using our Autoclave. All packs are dated and recorded. Scalpel blades and needles are sterile and single use.