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Kids Podiatrist Melbourne

Melbourne Foot Ankle & Walking Clinic is a team of expert kids podiatrists in Melbourne with years of experience in kids podiatry in Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

Kids Podiatry Melbourne

We provide complete podiatry services in Melbourne. Since our inception we have held a special interest in the assessment, treatment diagnoses of conditions relating to children’s feet and legs.  Not only do we thoroughly enjoy working with kids, we love making a difference in their lives.  Early detection of problems is key! Many conditions can be treated so there are not an issue for your child later in life.  Some conditions require treatment during certain phases of a Child’s growth to maximise the treatment outcomes.  Like with braces for teeth (don’t worry, nothing will cost anything near the cost of braces) there is certain times in a child’s development whereby they should undergo certain treatments if problems exist.

With every child we will conduct a thorough biomechanical assessment which will consist of measurements taken lying on the treatment table, standing and walking.  You will have access to a video which we can email you after the consultation.  Nothing we do will hurt whatsoever, however we understand your child can be a little apprehensive so please feel free to bring along a favourite teddy or toy.  Please bring some shoes your child has worn so we can assess any unusual wear patterns on them.

It is never too early to have your child assessed, but it can be too late, so don’t put off making your appointment.

Here are some easy signs to determine if your child should have an assessment:

  • Walk or stand pigeon toed (in toed) or duck footed (out toed).
  • Flat feet (not always a problem but should be assessed).
  • Growing pains.
  • Unusual walking style.
  • Standing predominantly on one foot.
  • Uneven wear or tear on shoes.
  • Pants, shorts or dresses don’t sit straight and shift to one side of the body.
  • Sitting in the “W” position with backside on the floor and feet either-side instead of cross legged.


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