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Welcome to the Melbourne Foot, Ankle & Walking Clinic Website

Do you have Foot, Ankle, Knee or Back pain?

At the Melbourne Foot, Ankle and Walking Clinic we specialise in the assessment and treatment of lower limb conditions. We treat chronic and acute foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip & lower back pain. We also offer all your General Podiatry foot care needs including nail surgeries, corns, callous, plantar warts, ingrown nails and fungal infections.

We have a special interest in the growth and development in children and can treat “growing pains”, clumsiness, tripping, pigeon toe, out toe, heel pain, knee pain, gait anomalies (unusual walking/running styles) and plantar fasciitis, just to list a few.

We have had a lot of success reducing the pain associated with knee osteo-arthritis and offer a satisfaction money back guarantee when treating this condition!

Services include:

Video/Computerised Gait Analysis

Videoing and recording the way you walk enables us to slow down, pause and analyse your every movement during the gait cycle. This gives us a better understanding of the way you move and forms part of the assessment protocol that enables us to assess where your pain or problem is coming from. If footwear advice or orthotic therapy is required then it is a vital education tool in assisting you to understand why we make certain recommendations

Orthotics, both Sports & General

Orthotics are devices that go inside your shoes, they are individually prescribed to suite your needs and are designed to correct alignment and/or reduce the unwanted stresses on your feet that are caused by repetitive movement on hard man made surfaces or incorrect foot motion. When prescribing orthotics we also take into account the footwear you most commonly wear, your day to day activities and the exercise you do.

Pediatric Assessments – Your KIDS!

At the Melbourne Foot, Ankle and Walking Clinic we assess children of all ages. If your child has excessive flat feet, if one toe crosses over another, is clumsy, pigeon toed, out toed, walks on their toes, tires easily or experiences “growing pains” then you have come to the right place.

General Podiatry and Foot Care

We provide all your Podiatry foot care needs such as the treatment of fungal skin and nail conditions; nail surgeries; corns; callous; plantar warts; ingrown nails, plantar fasciitis, etc.

Footwear Recommendation

Using video gait analysis and performing a thorough foot and lower limb assessment we are able to determine your foot type and how it functions and recommend the right footwear for you.

Sports Medicine and laboratory onsite

At our head office in Blackburn we have over 1000 sq metre of Podiatry clinic, sports medicine supplies and laboratory where all your needs can be taken care of in one place. There are 16 staff on site, each of who specialise in different areas including Podiatry, footwear advice, brace fitting, sports medicine supplies.

Aged Care Podiatry Division

At the Melbourne Foot, Ankle and Walking Clinic we have established a dedicated team to service the Podiatric foot care needs of patrons in aged care facilities. With everything from sterilization to equipment and supplies on site and have the perfect set up to be able to offer the best in foot care to those who need it the most.

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